3 January 2021

As we come up on 1 year since the book was published it felt like a good time to confirm we have donated over $1250 to RAINN and Women’s Aid from our royalties. Donations will slow down in 2021 but as they come in more will be added to this.

19 December 2020

Over on the Wrestling Bookmarks Facebook page, Slam Wrestling book editor Jamie Hemmings talked about her wrestling books of the year. It was an honour to see Women Love Wrestling called ‘hands down her favourite of 2020’.
You can watch the clip here:

22 November 2020

This weekend I am on the PWTorch Deep Dive with Rich Fann. I was joined by Jamie Hemmings from Slam Wrestling to share our favourite lesser known wrestling books that make great Christmas presents. We covered some amazing books, I learned a little but, and Jamie picked Women Love Wrestling in her 5 recommendations. I included Unladylike by Heather Bandenburg but there is a wide range of wresting biographies, history and fiction to learn about.

You can learn more about PW Torch and get episode information here or go straight to the episode on Spreaker here.

18 October 2020

In preparation for the peak buying period before Christmas we have a poster we will start to distribute over the coming weeks. Expect a small price reduction in the paperback version to encourage buying as a Christmas present for wrestling fans in November.

6 October 2020

Well I got really busy work wise so a delay in posting, but some small news

The book is now on Kindle Unlimited, so can be read for free with Amazon paying us for every page read.

We also have new designs both on PWTees annd Redbubble.

23 July 2020

This week we helped the popular Big Nerd with their long promised Wrestling Pub Quiz. Not only did we write the quiz, but we included a round dedicated to women in wrestling, peppered questions on women wrestlers throughout the show and ensured Mark gave the book several plugs.

You can watch the quiz at any time on their YouTube channel. 350 people played it on the night but you can catch up and use the Google form in the description to take part when you like.

18 July 2020

The 4 Horsewomen mini-series is up and running with the first 2 episodes now available. Each week we have a different guest on the show to share their personal 4 greatest women performers of all time. EVE champion Rhia O’Reilly and author Scarlett Harris are featured in the first interviews with a mix of wrestlers, writers and podcasters to follow.

Episodes are published on Anchor with links to all platforms including iTunes and Spotify on our Linktree.

14 July 2020

We recently donated more cleared royalties to RAINN and Women’s Aid. $300/£300 has been donated to each, with more to come as book and t-shirt sales payments clear.

5 July 2020

Several of our team were interviewed for both a book review and a wider piece on women in wrestling following the #SpeakingOut movement. This is a great article by Jamie Hemmings on Canada’s leading profession wresting site Slam Wrestling:


31 May 2020

This weekend we released our new merch design. In partnership with Pro Wrestling Eve champion Rhia O’Reilly, photographer Dale Brodie and designer Rich Baker, we now have the Rhia Variant up on Redbubble here.

16 May 2020

As we continue to expand our range of Women Love Wrestling products to raise more for our charities, we now have a store on the huge ProWrestlingTees. Buying here ensures a larger % goes to charity than RedBubble, so if possible please pick up a Nyla Rose t-shirt over at our page on PWT here

3 May 2020

Building on the merch we created based around the Women Love Wrestling logo we have started to expand by collaborating with a talented group of people. AEW star Nyla Rose has approved the first of our variants that feature the women of wrestling in action.

The Rose variant can be browsed here, with all profits again going to our charities.


18 April 2020

We now have merch on Redbubble with all profits going to the charities!
We have 3 ranges of products with the usual t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, pins etc. but we also have options for baby clothes, dresses, leggings, scarfs, notepads and other rarities for wrestling merch. We’ll be adding to this soon with merch using Ami’s great photography, but this is a wonderful starting point.
Pick your faction:
WLW Black – https://www.redbubble.com/people/wlwrestling/works/46969361-women-love-wrestling-black-logo
WLW White –https://www.redbubble.com/people/wlwrestling/works/46968955-women-love-wrestling-white-logo
WLW Red – https://www.redbubble.com/people/wlwrestling/works/46968999-women-love-wrestling-red-logo
Please go ahead and tell all your cool friends about it. We hope the range gives you ideas for who to recommend to.

9 April 2020

The legendary Mick Foley sent a message of support to everyone involved in our Women Love Wrestling book. You can watch his video messaging to the entire team on our Twitter account below:

2 April 2020

Last night we saw the first of our Amazon royalty payments clear from January. This meant we were able to give $200 to RAINN and £200 to Women’s Aid, our chosen charities. This felt great to finally do, and we will be making more donations throughout the year as funds clear each month.

12 March 2020

It has been a busy time for the team. Several of the writers have made appearances on PWTorch’s Deep Dive with Rich Fann over the past few weeks, which are worth checking out. The link above is for the VIP version but you can find free versions among their Dailycast feed.

We also released the interview with Emily and Dann from ProWrestling:EVE that we used to write the book chapter. We had always planned to air this as a Holy Shoot podcast episode as part of Women’s History Month, celebrating this ground-breaking feminist-punk-rock wrestling promotion that has continually played a major part in the popularity and increased exposure of the female professional wrestling scene. With the sad news that Emily is backing a step back from EVE this week, it felt even more important to share the interview.
Podbean: https://holyshoot.podbean.com/e/interview-with-emily-and-dann-read-from-pro-wrestling-eve/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tbs4dfvSOM&t=9s

Interview topics in this episode include:

• What is Pro Wrestling EVE and why it matters
• Training at EVE Academy and encouraging women to be loud and physical
• Helping wrestlers develop characters with move sets and promos that make sense for them
• The history of EVE over the past 10 years that led up to Wrestle Queendom 3
• How the first Wrestle Queendom, Europe’s largest ever all-female event, came to be
• Women’s wrestling being ignored by most wrestling sites

2 Feb 2020

Check out Jason and Giselle from The DeadassGirls podcast as they appear on The Mr Warren Hayes Show to discuss the book. Now available in audio format across podcast apps, and also in video format on YouTube here

26 January 2020

This weekend we promoted the book on The Pro Wrestling Torch show The Deep Dive with Rich Fann. We had a great time discussing the project, how it developed and previewed a few chapters as part of a wider wrestling talk. You can check out the episode links on PWTorch.com here or play straight from Spreaker here.

Just search for PWTorch Dailycast in your podcast app.

Also this week book contributor Carole Strudwick was on Grit and Glitter to talk about wrestling parents, listen here

15 January 2020

The book is now available worldwide in paperback edition as well as digital via Amazon. Initial sales continue to go well with high chart positions across our genres at Amazon. On Amazon.co.uk in the Wrestling category we are ranked 6th, however this is behind 3 versions of the same book about MMA and 2 others that are clearly not actually about wrestling! We think that means we are actually the top ranked wrestling book in the UK ahead of Jim Ross!

12 January 2020

We have successfully published the book worldwide on Amazon in digital format, which links on the where to buy page. Upon release this weekend the book reached number 2 for Kindle bestsellers in the wrestling category, and top 5 for gender studies, in the UK. It also cracked the top 20 wrestling books in the US, a fantastic start with no promotion.

Physical format release will follow next week

9 January 2020

The book is 99% complete. Formatted and awaiting final cover artwork, we will publish this weekend. Digital format will be available first, followed by physical, both exclusively on Amazon across all Amazon marketplaces selling digital format books. Things are about to get interesting with several podcast interviews being arranged around launch.

30 December 2019

The book is nearing completion. The last few chapters to be finalised are due over the coming week, the format is being set and we have a great designer working on the book cover. We have started to reach out to some podcasters to propose interviews when the book is released, if you wanted to speak to any of the contributors for a podcast or written interview then please get in touch.

22 December 2019

The planned publish date is still January 11th, however we may delay by a week depending on a couple of the key pieces we want to include being ready.

Having charities commit to their name being used created an issue with content approval. Instead we will state that all profits from the book will be going to women’s charities and use this website to update on a regular basis, stating the charities and amount given. At this time we have a split of contributions mainly from the US and UK, so plan to split donations between RAINN and Women’s Aid, both great causes working to make women safe from domestic and sexual abuse

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