Women Love Wrestling: 4 Horsewomen

To compliment our book launched a podcast to discuss women’s wrestling over the summer. What else were people going to do?

Every week on 4 Horsewomen a new guest revealed their stable of 4 badass women. These are their greatest of all time, picked from the all time history of the sport. Becky Lynch, Chyna and Bull Nakano led by Mildred Burke? Sure, why not.

Each episode is a fun 30 odd minutes as we celebrate wrestling goodness. We have a mix of wrestlers, writers and podcasters featured each week.

Episodes are now available on Anchor at https://anchor.fm/WLWrestling. Links to all platforms including iTunes and Spotify can be found on https://linktr.ee/WLWrestling.

Episode 1: Rhia O’Reilly (Shimmer, ProWrestling:EVE Champion)

Episode 2: Scarlett Harris (Culture Writer, Author of ‘A Diva Was a Female Version of a Wrestler’)

Episode 3: Emily Fear (Pro Wrestling Torch show host)

Episode 4: Lindsey Kelk (Sunday Times bestselling author)

Episode 5: Skye Smitson (Wrestler, EVE, WXW)

Episode 6: Faye Jackson (Wrestler, BCW, PWN, WXW & many more)

Episode 7: Gizzy (from the DeadassGirls podcast)

Episode 8: Sarah Parkin (women’s wrestling historian/geek)

Episode 9: Jacqui Pratt (PhD, rock star, PWTorch podcaster, writer)

We also did a bonus 10th episode with Jacqui to discuss her PhD dissertation and analysis of rhetoric and composition in wrestling.

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