Women Love Wrestling: 4 Horsewomen

Following the book and our range of merch, next up is a brand new podcast.

Every week on 4 Horsewomen a new guest will reveal their stable of 4 badass women. These are their greatest of all time, picked from the all time history of the sport. Becky Lynch, Chyna and Bull Nakano led by Mildred Burke? Sure, why not.

We’ll have a beer/coffee/protein shake and discuss why these 4 women mean so much to our guest, in a fun 30 minutes as we celebrate wrestling goodness. It’s like meeting your mates before going to a show, but without the queues.

Coming soon from the team behind the acclaimed Women Love Wrestling anthology and collab merchandise, and still raising money and awareness for RAINN and Women’s Aid.

Trailer available on Anchor now at https://anchor.fm/WLWrestling

Woo. Woo indeed.

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